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Third-Party Certification / Food Alliance

An overview of third-party certification, and an in-depth discussion of how Food Alliance certification has positively affected two successful businesses.

Feb 18, 2010: Third-Party Certification


In our current era of long value chains, it is impossible for consumers to know all of the practices used to grow and process the food they eat. Third-party food certifiers can ensure that the food in our food system conforms to standards on a multitude of dimensions.

Scott Exo, Executive Director of the Food Alliance, a premier certifier of good food, addresses some of the pros and cons of third party certification. Peter Truitt, president of the renown Truitt Brothers, a certified cannery, and Alison Dennis, Director of Supply Chain Management of The Holland Inc. (better known as Burgerville, its chain of restaurants) explain why they chose to get certified, their experience going through the process, and most importantly, how it has affected their bottom line.

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