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NGFN Database Listing

A list of our resources. Use the search box in the upper right corner, below the banner logo for the site to find specific resources.

PDF Knowledge Sysco’s Journey from Supply Chain to Value Chain: 2008-2009 Final Report
Results and lessons learned from the National Good Food Network / Sysco Corporation pilot project to source and sell good food.
PDF Knowledge NGFN Food Safety FAQ
Last updated 21 October 2009. A primer on the intersection between food safety and policy.
PDF Knowledge Guiding Principles: A Value-Chain Partnership Charter
This document lays out Guiding Principles intended to outline a common line of action to provide healthy produce and other good food from sustainable farms into local and regional food service distribution. The document is intended to be signed by grower, aggregator and distributor in a value chain trust relationship.
PDF Knowledge Developing your pricing plan
A four-part series (here combined into one document) describing how to develop a pricing plan. A pricing plan can help you determine accurate production costs for each of your products, set selling prices that cover your costs AND make you a profit, convince your customers to pay that price, expand your customer base, and increase your peace of mind.
PDF Knowledge A New Kind of Middleman
A new kind of middleman is helping small farmers get their produce into larger stores—without sacrificing quality or income.
PDF Knowledge Innovative Model: Small Grower and Retailer Collaborations
How a network of small farms united under a common brand to supply a chain of grocery stores with a competitive range of local products. This is the case study from the cooperative's (Good Natured Family Farms’) perspective.
PDF Knowledge See the Local Difference: Regional Food Systems Become Essential Ingredient for Michigan's Future
Provides a tour of the emerging good food system in Michigan: How it is taking shape, what it contributes, and how local and state leaders can pitch in to both accelerate and make the most of it. Part I covers the economic opportunities that flow from supporting and advancing local and regional food systems. Part II provides a map of the programs and policies on the pathway leading to good food and a more durable prosperity for Michigan.
PDF Knowledge Northwest Michigan's Farm Factor: Economic Impacts, Challenges, and Opportunities
This report documents the economic impact of agriculture in a six-county region of Michigan’s northwest Lower Peninsula, explores opportunities for improving farm profitability as a means of maintaining the economic and other benefits associated with agriculture, and describes the resources available in the region to exploit these opportunities.
PDF Knowledge Are We About to Lose the Agriculture of the Middle?
This white paper discusses the comparative advantage of mid-sized farms to implement innovative production and marketing systems in order to supply significant quantities of food into new food chains.
PDF Knowledge Agriculture of the Middle
This presentation outlines the bifurcation of the American food systems, value chains, what can be learned from existing regional value chains, and developing an Ag-of-the-Middle Initiative.
PDF Knowledge A Pig's Tale: Marketing Stories for New Value Chains
This speech explores whether niche markets promise advantages to producers, if they can be expanded to provide opportunities for more producers, and if they are sustainable.
PDF Knowledge Ecolabel Value Assessment Phase 2: Consumer and Food Business Perceptions of Local Foods
This report discusses the results of the second phase of a pilot project studying ecolabels and consumer perceptions of locally grown foods. Study objectives included identification and analysis of consumer perceptions of "freshness" in food labels and how much of their food is grown in their state; determination of the market appeal of the term "grown locally"; and the strength of the term "family farm" and how and where food is grown from a consumer perspective.
PDF Knowledge Institutional buying models and local food markets: The Iowa experience
This paper provides a brief overview of several models of institutional food buying projects in Iowa and critical factors that make these systems work - both from the producer and food service director perspectives. The paper concludes with how the integration of community, marketing, profitability, and policy has increased the success of Iowa institutional buying projects.
PDF Knowledge Food, Fuel, and Freeways: An Iowa perspective on how far food travels, fuel usage, and greenhouse gas emissions
This paper discusses transportation from farm to point of sale within local, regional, and conventional food systems. Using fresh produce and other foods as examples, we considered miles traveled, fossil fuels used, and carbon dioxide emissions, and assessed potential environmental costs.
PDF Knowledge The Economic Impacts of Increased Fruit and Vegetable Production and Consumption
This report proposes several possible scenarios involving fruit and vegetable production and sales in Iowa, and measures the potential net economic impacts that could accrue to the state for each scenario.
PDF Knowledge Beef Marketing Alternatives
This publication explores marketing alternatives for small-scale cattle ranchers who would like to add value to the beef they produce.
PDF Knowledge Adding Value to Farm Products: An Overview
This publication discusses the concept of adding value to farm products, the differences between creating and capturing value, and the implications for value-added enterprises. It describes some different approaches to adding value, including starting a food processing business, with a brief look at nonfood products. Resources to learn more about value-added agriculture and planning a value-added enterprise are included.
PDF Knowledge Building Better Rural Places: Federal Programs for Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry, Entrepreneurship, Conservation, and Community Development
A directory of federal programs to foster enterprises in agriculture and forestry in the United States including program resources in community development; sustainable land management; and value-added and diversified agriculture and forestry. A description of each program, funding source or other resource is provided along with appropriate contact information.
PDF Knowledge Agricultural Business Planning Templates and Resources
This resource list contains sources of business planning templates and further resources for agricultural enterprises. These include Internet and print resources as well as training courses and workshops.
PDF Knowledge Selling to Restaurants: Business and Marketing
Upscale restaurants serving locally-grown produce are in the headlines nationwide. Growing for this market is both lucrative and demanding. Profiles of growers from around the country illustrate successful strategies and points to remember when working with chefs.
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