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NGFN Database Listing

A list of our resources. Use the search box in the upper right corner, below the banner logo for the site to find specific resources.

PDF Knowledge Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions: A Resource Guide for Farm-to-School and Farm-to-Institution Programs
This publication provides farmers, school administrators, and institutional food-service planners with contact information and descriptions of existing programs that have made connections between local farmers and local school lunchrooms, college dining halls, or cafeterias in other institutions.
PDF Knowledge Evaluating a Rural Enterprise: Marketing and Business Guide
Evaluating an enterprise boils down to asking a series of good questions. Among these questions are: Do I have the resources to do this? Do I really want to do this? Do I have the experience and information to do this? How much profit can I make? How will I market the products? This publication seeks to provide enough information to help you judge whether a new enterprise is right for your operation. Additionally, we provide a resource section of additional information on relevant topics.
PDF Knowledge Pork: Marketing Alternatives
This publication suggests that sustainable hog producers consider alternative marketing approaches for their pork. Direct marketing and niche markets are among the alternative marketing strategies discussed. Legal considerations, labels, trademarks, processing regulations, and obstacles are addressed. Sources of additional information are also provided.
PDF Knowledge Organic Marketing Resources: Marketing an Business Guide
Market resources for organic food and fiber products, including organic prices, sales data, market trends, and other market data, organic trade associations, directories, and other organic marketing publications and resources, with contact information for ordering them.
PDF Knowledge Marketing Organic Grains
Organic grain and oilseed markets are growing, and organic grains can be successfully marketed at premium prices. This publication focuses on food grains, oilseeds, and pulses. A brief overview of feed grain markets and marketing is included.
PDF Knowledge Evaluating Economic Impacts of Local Food Purchasing in NE Iowa
The UNI Local Food Project has worked with many institutional food buyers in NE Iowa to increase local food purchasing since 1997. This is the documentation of the the local food purchases in the area.
PDF Knowledge Characterizing Optimal Business Conditions for Commerce Between Farmers and SYSCO - Phase 2
A study of the business dynamics between SYSCO, a national distributor of products to the food service industry, and three Iowa-based, small-to-midsize food enterprises. This report presents data obtained through a series of interviews in order to identify both the challenges and the essential elements for small-to-midsize food enterprises to successfully work with a large food service distributor.
PDF Knowledge Making Value Chains Work: Best Practices for Success - Workshop Proceedings
This document provides a synthesis of the proceedings of the April 2008 Making Value Chains Work: Best Practices for Success Workshop.
PDF Knowledge Specialty Pork Marketing Opportunities
This very brief article identifies market trends for specialty pork products and describes issues to consider when evaluating whether to raise and market specialty pork. It also includes a list of niche pork companies that are looking for farmers to raise hogs that meet their requirements.
PDF Knowledge A Survey of Pork Niche Marketers in the Midwest
This study identifies the business and technical assistance needs of producers and producer groups in Iowa and five surrounding states who are working in pork niche marketing. The surrounding states included Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The study involved a 33-question telephone survey that thirty-six pork producers and producer groups completed between March and May of 2003.
PDF Knowledge Marketing Specialty Hogs: A Comparative Analysis of Two Firms from Iowa
We study business organization and coordination of specialty-market hog production using a comparative analysis of two Iowa pork niche-marketing firms. We describe and analyze each firm’s management of five key organizational challenges: planning and logistics, quality assurance, process verification and management of “credence attributes,” business structure, and profit sharing. Although each firm is engaged in essentially the same activity, there are substantial differences across the two firms in the way production and marketing are coordinated. These differences are partly explained by the relative size and age of each firm, thus highlighting the importance of organizational evolution in agricultural markets, but are also partly the result of a formal organizational separation between marketing and production activities in one of the firms.
PDF Knowledge The ABCs of Marketing to Restaurants
This article discusses marketing to restaurants-- how to break into the restaurant market, the kinds of restaurants that are interested in local produce, how to start, and how to expand.
PDF Knowledge Market Makers
Four years ago, a group of farmers in northern Minnesota were having trouble accessing markets for their organic grain crops. So they bought a processing and storage facility in their own backyard.
PDF Knowledge Banding Together to Build an Alternative Meat Market
This article profiles Diana & Gary Endicott and Rainbow Farms. Summary of Operation: - 75 head in cow/calf operation - Tomatoes, grain and hay on 400-acre certified organic Rainbow Farms - Coordinator of Good-Natured Family Farms, a group of "natural" meat and vegetable producers
PDF Knowledge Internet Buying Clubs Combine Emerging Technologies and Community Values
Two entrepreneurs committed to the local food movement are about to make their marketing models available to the public.
PDF Knowledge The Whole(sale) Deal
Eugene, Oregon-based Organically Grown Company is the largest wholesaler of organic produce in the Pacific Northwest. For more than two decades, they've responded to the complex demands of an evolving organic marketplace while remaining committed to supporting local growers.
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