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Page Planning to Increase Market Efficiency: Reducing Financial Risk Through Food Hubs
Two food hubs will present their very different methods for doing production planning. We also hear from a farmer to share her perspective - what is it like to ...
Page #CommunityFood: Cultivating Emerging Leadership from Within
Two organizations committed to training up new leadership within their organizations.
Page One Page Risk Management Plan
A simple set of one-page tools to help you find success in your farming or other Good Food operation.
Page Talk is Cheap ... and Efficient! Facilitating value chain development without costly new infrastructure
Introducing the critical role of the value chain facilitator.
Page Third-Party Certification / Food Alliance
An overview of third-party certification, and an in-depth discussion of how Food Alliance certification has positively affected two successful businesses.
Page A Look Back, A Path Forward: Lessons Learned from the Food Hub Vanguard - Grasshoppers Distribution
Grasshoppers Distribution, a food hub on the vanguard, had lasting impacts and lessons.
Page Roadmap for City Food Sector Innovation and Investment
A webinar exploring the "Roadmap for City Food Sector Innovation and Investment," which provides cities with guidance for developing a local foods investment ...
Page State of the Food Hub - National Survey Results
An NGFN Food Hub Collaboration report on the state of food hubs in the US in 2013, including their businesses, their impacts, their challenges and their ...
Page USDA & Regional Food Systems: Navigating the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative
USDA senior staff tours you through the KYF2 Compass and demonstrates how it might be helpful for your work in the field.
Page Towards Local and Regional Sourcing - Sysco and Chipotle
Chipotle and Sysco present their local/regional food buying policies. practices and goals.
Page Pollinating Food Enterprises: Creative New Models for Starting, Supporting, and Financing Local Food Business - an NGFN webinar
Michael Shuman illustrates how “pollinators” (self-financing enterprises committed to boosting local business) are efficient economic development levers.
Page The CSA Benchmark Project: How Well Is My Operation REALLY Doing?
With benchmarking, it’s as if farmers can peer into the financial results of many CSA farms in order to understand how their business financial performance ...
Page Food Hub Benchmarking Study 2014
This webinar describes the lessons learned from the recent benchmarking study of food hub financial and operational characteristics.
Page Working with Diverse Communities: the Southwest
A glimpse into some of the most innovative Good Food programs in the Southwest.
Page Opportunity Knocks: Two Underutilized USDA Programs For Supporting Local and Regional Food Systems
Two USDA programs: the Business and Industry Loan Guarantee program and the Community Facilities Loan and Grant program.
Page #CommunityFood: Return to Roots
Featuring organizations grounded in food sovereignty that preserve cultural heritage, and focus on achieving affordable access to healthy, culturally ...
Page Beyond Beauty: The Opportunities and Challenges of Cosmetically Imperfect Produce
A deep look at the commercial market for cosmetically imperfect fruit and vegetables.
Page Market-Based Models for Increasing Access to Healthy Food: Defining What Works
The elements of success and innovative strategies bringing businesses and products to scale to reach wider markets.
Page Food Banks as Regional "Good Food" Partners
Several food banks across the country are leveraging their resources to support local/regional food systems in innovative ways.
Page Food Safety Training Webinar Series for Farmer Support Organizations
A five-part webinar series designed for organizations that provide small-scale farmer support.
Page Systemic Change: How Formalizing Processes Increases Efficiency
An introduction to how one might incorporate systems to bring your food business to the next level of sophistication, and efficiency.
Page Grass-Based Beef: The Business Case
This webinar makes the business case for grass based beef production. We focus on the techniques that have the potential for enhanced profitability.
Page Building the Supply of Healthy Foods – Experiences and Tools from the Field
Presentation of the results of a detailed survey of value chains.
Page #CommunityFood - Investing in the Future
Good food is fuel for our bodies…but a growing number of community organizations use food to truly empower the next generation.
Page On-farm Food Safety and Access to Larger Markets
Group GAP and Food Safety Modernization Act
Page The Future of Food: Leadership Development for Our Movement
Three food systems leadership development opportunities.
Page Raising Dough for Food Businesses
Elizabeth Ü, author of “Raising Dough,” provides a helpful framework for thinking about appropriate financing sources for enterprises. Gray Harris explains ...
Page Food Systems Networks That Work - Accelerating Learning and Increasing Commerce
We bring together conveners of food systems networks of many different sizes. Each has amplified and abetted the positive triple bottom line effects of its ...
Page One Page Cost Benefit Tool
This session simplifies the concepts of Partial Budget Analysis using a One Page Tool so that you can “use the parts you’re comfortable with.”
Page Food Hubs and Farm to School
Food hubs hold great promise to help farm to school programs and food service professionals get good, healthy, local, whole foods to our nation's students.