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File Cash Versus Net Income Effects
Page Before You Leap: Hidden Implications of Food Hub Business Growth
Three "roads not yet taken" a hub with may encounter. Each road has the possibility of great success, but has potholes to avoid.
PDF Knowledge Wednesday workshop_WC.pdf
PDF Knowledge Beyond Beauty: Summary of Findings
The Beyond Beauty initiative explored the possibilities for expanding market opportunities for cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables. This document ...
PDF Knowledge econ_toolkit_part2.pdf
PDF Knowledge econ_toolkit_part1.pdf
File economic_toolkit_v3.mp3
PDF Knowledge Beyond Beauty: Collegiate Food Service - Report #5
Opportunities for cosmetically imperfect produce in the college food service market.
File cust_journey_map.mp3
File staff_training.mp3
File sales_training.mp3
File paca_fsma_pti.mp3
File hub_structure.mp3
File whats_big_deal.mp3
File unleash_financial.mp3
File production_planning.mp3
File incubator_farms.mp3
File food_banks.mp3
File emotional_connection.mp3
File midlife.mp3
File fail.mp3
File scaling_maint_values.mp3
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File land_grant_support.mp3
File innovations_in_financing.mp3
File southeastern_food_hubs.mp3
File real_value_proposition.mp3
File sm_scale_processing.mp3
File intro_to_GroupGAP.mp3
File low_income_communities.mp3